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Stiff Richards – instore

Stiff Richards
Stiff Richards launch their unashamedly rock’n’roll debut album at Record Paradise with support from fellow Peninsula rockers The Grogans. Pies, beers, skateboards and shenanigans while front man Wolfy dives into each tune and glides and writhes on the floor as he delivers some of the finest original oz pub rock tunes we have seen here at Record Paradise. A cosy tight bass and intense drum keep the rhythm on track allowing the lead guitar to squeal and soar. The album is recorded at Moorooduc Studios, mixed by Redro Rodriguez, mastered by Peninsula local Mikey Young and features artwork by Frenchy of another local, one legged seagull Stumpy… they hand stamped their plain recycled cardboard and sold t-shirts featuring a print of a note put under their practice room door by a neighbor. A great sense of humour, style and rock ethos abounds in these young rockers and the timing is right for a band like this to rouse the youth into a frenzy and give us more experienced folk something to get excited about!
“You are a bunch of inconsiderate assholes playing your tasteless music so bloody loud we can hear it 2 streets away. Get off the dope and show some consideration losers. We are sick of your bullshit so be very, very careful…..”

Digging Japan

Our second trip to Tokyo record stores proved very rewarding with some reasonably priced recycled gems in amazing condition hitting the crates today!

We thought we would share a few digs and tips for storing, carrying and transporting records. We travelled to Narita airport via Jetstar, taking two empty DJ travel cases with us and booking the maximum 40kgs luggage per person for the return trip, this with ‘special’ records carried on board allowed us the bring around 250 records back into Australia. TIP: make sure any travel bags can fit into the train station lockers which have a maximum storage time of 3 days. We used ‘Vinyl Hub’ to locate specific stores near where we were. The records are priced much the same as you would find them locally – but the selection is unbelievable and the condition is always ‘excellent’! Happy digging!